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It is amazingly inexpensive today. You can have 4 cameras live 24/7 for under $1000 for a 4 month period. The biggest expense is going to be purchasing and installing the cameras. Depending on the quality of the camera they cost less than $500/camera and then you need to get an upgrade to your Internet and either pull cable to each camera which provides the best results or strengthen your wireless network. But this is all a one time cost and will also increase the security of your club because now you can watch each court.

Most tennis club websites were built years agao and the technology has changed so fast that today, you might see as much as 50% of your traffic coming from mobile devices and your current website probably isn't optimized for mobile. You can find out if your website is mobile optimized by shrinking your screen down on your computer or view your website on your phone and you'll see that it may be time for an upgrade!

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Product Development Schedule:
  • We are currently looking for Beta Testers of our Tennis Court Manager. Fill out our contact form if you are interested.
  • Tennis Court Marketer will be released for Beta Testing shortly. Let us know if you want to try it out!
  • They know where to find more customers and know the cost to acquire a new customer.
  • Tennis Stats Mobile App is currently under development and should be ready by early summer 2015.
  • Our Coaching Training is being created now and will be ready in late Spring 2015.
If you don't fit this criteria you are better off coming back when you are ready to get the most bang for your buck working with us.

Yes, they can! We are currently working out the kinks to allow you to schedule specific times and download the video so you can review.

About Us

Founded in 1987 by Colin R. Brown, SYNCNET, Inc. operated as a vertical systems integrator and custom software developer until 1995 when we saw the opportunity of the Internet and started hosting business websites. Since 1995 we've brought our entire customer base to the web and moved their internal systems to run on the Internet. SYNCNET has taken the best methodologies and practices and developed many Internet solutions over the years.

Colin's love of all racquet sports and a renewed love of tennis when he coached a girl's highschool team to a region and state championship helped move SYNCNET recently into the sports market.

Colin has also been a site director for numerous USTA sanctioned tournaments and assists local clubs with marketing and filling their programs with youth.